Wood Working

One of my hobbies is wood working projects. I especially enjoy using modern fabrication techniques in conjunction with classical woodworking in order to create unique designs. A couple of my projects are on display in this section.

Star Wars Risk Game Table

This is a game coffee table. The game is a custom version of the game risk meant to be star wars themed. The top is laser cut and inlayed. The planetary clusters are stained with a custom wood color stain made from water colors. The table has a compartment to store the game pieces. The pieces are laser cut and press fit together out of acrylic. There are 6 sets of game pieces, 3 are empire themed and three are rebel themed. The plying cards are made of anodized metal and laser etched.

World Map Cofee Table

This is a world map coffee table. Hand made out of birch plywood an maple veneer. This table was laser cut and inlayed with the world map.

Solar System Bar Table

This is a solar system bar table. This is a bar table that was stained and cut to look like the solar system. It features some small Easter Eggs such as the voyager probe and the GPB satellite.

Small Corner Shelf

This is a small corner shelf. This is a small corner shelf I made for my room. It was hand cut, assembled and stained using traditional woodworking techniques.