Metal Working

One of my hobbies is metal working projects. I try to combine a variety of different tools and techniques to create functional and interesting pieces. A couple of my projects are on display in this section.

Chess Set

This chess set was a gift for my dad. I came across a partially finished set in his desk (approximately 12/36 pieces) that he made when he was in grad school. I took the set and designed and made the remaining pieces. The set is half aluminum half brass. The pieces are turned on a manual lath, machined on the manual mill, and hand polished. The squares in the board is waterjet and glued together.


A pendant I made as a gift. The pendant was CNC milled out of aluminum then shaped and finished using small files and buffered. The pendant is shaped to look like a utility maximization graph since the gift was for an economist.

Scrap Metal Table

This is a table that I made out of scrap steel that I cut into appropriately sized pieces and welded together. I took inspiration from the nose of a formula 1 car when designing the shape. The table was hand buffed and clear coated to get the finished texture that you see. The top of the table is a piece of a polycarbonate.