President (2017-2018)

Vice President (2016-2017)

Safety Officer (2015-2016)

Maker Workshop started as an idea that no one thought could happen. I was part of a group of eight that wanted there to be an inclusive area on campus where people can come together and build whatever they want. Over my first six years at MIT I always had a place to go to make things, as an undergrad it was the n52 shop and as a grad student I had GEAR lab. However, two things were obvious to me. First, that I was one of the lucky few who had these resources. Second, that there was no community at MIT for people who wanted to make things.

Over the last three years I have worked tirelessly to make Maker Works a reality and keep it running. I worked on the committee that wrote the original policy documents. As head of the small tools and furniture group I organized the weekend shop set ups and dedicated my nights and weekends to procurement and set up. I manages to procure the tools and furniture we needed to open while being over five thousand dollars under budget by going out of my way to find spare furniture and sales on equipment. For the first year of Maker Workshops operation I was your EHS representative and safety officer. During this time MakerWorkshop passed had multiple inspections and have yet to receive any citations. I made sure everything was in place to operate safely, I worked with the EHS coordinator to make sure that the space can operate safely and with the equipment that we want to have, and I set guidelines on safety policy that allow for safe usage of the space without limiting the students.

After serving as vice president for a year I was elected to run MakerWorkshop as president. This involves coordinating the mentors, creating a long term plan for MakerWorkshop, and setting policy. This position will let me leave a long term positive impact on making at MIT

I then took on the responsibilities of Vice-President. When I started as Vice-president the position was not defined and had no specific responsibilities. I made it my goal to define the roll of Vice-President and to use this positon to improve Maker Workshop. I defined the roll as: “Organizing and maintaining space, takes loads off of the president, fundraising, and more focused on new initiatives than president”. As Vice President I implemented and organized shop workdays to continuously improve the space and give the new mentors ownership of the space. I decided to implement the library tool checkout program as a new initiative. And I fundraised significant contributions from the Graduate Student council and GM to run Maker Workshop and the library program.