Harvard Education Design: Designing Effective Learning Spaces

With technology progressing and curriculum design advancing what a learning space is also needs to evolve. I am working on figuring out what needs a modern learning space needs to address and what it will look like. To do this I surveyed, interviewed, and obtained feedback from students at the Harvard graduate school of education. I then used the Launchpad space as a test case for what creating a modern learning space would look like.

Final Report (DOC)



A high level overview of my project put together for the class showcase.

Portfolio Reflections


Reflections on how I utilized the portfolio and what I gained from it..

Week 12: Interview Results and Space Design


Project Update: This week I analyzed and summarized the 20 interviews. I then proceeded to use this information to start coming up with ideas on how to optimize the LaunchPad space.

Week 11: Survey Results


Project Update: This week I conducted more interviews, finished collecting survey results, and started analyzing the survey data. Over the next week I will finish conducting interviews and start analyzing potential Launchpad space improvements.

Week 10: Understanding Latent Needs of Launchpad Users


Project Update: This week I focused on data acquisition. So far we have received 20 surveys. Since this is not enough for a meaningful result I plan on working with Brandon to resend the surveys and increase the number of results. I have also started to conduct surveys. So far I have interviewed over a dozen HGSE students. These surveys have started to produce useful insights.

Week 9: Measuring the Efficacy of the Project


Project Update: Over the last week surveys were sent out and responses were collected. So far we are 30% of our way to the goal of at least 50 responses. In addition to this we have finalized the interview protocol and are scheduling interviews for next week with the goal of finishing the data collection phase over the next two weeks. This would allow two weeks for data analysis followed by two weeks of project design. In addition to this I have talked to Brandon about volunteering at the space over the next year in order to help implement the proposed updates.

Portfolio Entry Week 7 and 8: Project Plan for Upgrading the Launchpad Space


Project Update: This week we finalized and sent out the survey in addition to this I designed the interview protocol.

Portfolio Entry Week 6: Project Plan for Upgrading the Launchpad Space


Project Update: My primary work this week was analyzing data that Brandon took over the last two years that analyzed usage in the space. This data was taken in spurts at random times thought the day. It yielded some interesting observations that helped me get a better understanding of the usage of the space.

Portfolio Entry Week 5: Survey Design


Project Update: This week I worked with Brandon to design the survey that we will use to determine how best to adapt the LaunchPad collaborative working space.

Portfolio Entry Week 4: Project Timeline and Outline


Project Update: This week I got a grasp on what my project will look like, came up with a plan for the semester, and determined a final deliverable. The goal of my project will be to create a plan on how to optimize the Teaching and Learning Lab Space. With the help of Brandon a three stage process on how to achieve this goal was created.

Portfolio Entry Week 3: Reflections on My Education


Project Update: This lecture was my first exposure to the different theories of learning. It made me think back to the classes I have taken as an engineer and what theories they used.

Portfolio Entry Week 2: Project Idea for EDU T127


Project Update: The teaching and learning lab at Harvard has put aside a space dedicated to collaboration and being a catalyst for new ideas. Currently this space consists of a series of rooms adapted to this mission with select technology (film studio, computers, and more).