• Turbocharging the Single-Cylinder Engine

    For my research I am developing a single cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that could have a broad impact in India, making equipment such as tractors, light vehicles, generators, and water pumps more powerful and fuel-efficient.

    I am doing this research as a member of the Global Engineering and Research Labritory (GEAR Lab)

  • MakerWorkshop

    Of all of the projects I worked on MakerWorks is the project that I am the most proud of. It has made hands-on engineering more accessible and created an environment to fosters innovation at MIT. I worked with a small team of graduate students to create MIT MakerWorks, the first student run makerspace on MIT’s campus, where members of the MIT community can work on any project that interests them. As a member of the original team I spent over a year planning the space, creating policy, and building the space. During the initial stages of planning I was in charge of the layout of the space and procuring all of the small and mid sized equipment. I currently serve as the vice president and as a mentor.

    Check Out MakerWorkshop

  • Library Initiative

    The goal of this project is to allow MIT faculty, staff, and students to make things at their own convenience. Sometimes it is simpler to take the tool to the project. In these cases the current MIT maker infrastructure is insufficient. This proposal leverages the current MIT library system and knowledge (librarians and MIT MakerWorks mentors) to provide a means for tool checkout.